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About Keats

I live in the American West in the great state of Colorado among the beautiful Rocky Mountains. The mountains have always had my heart. They are a place of meditation, art, beauty and most of all...play!

A big reason the mountains are so special to me is how they make me feel. They put you in your place with how small you become while traversing them yet they represent the bigger beauty of what is all around us at the same time. The epic grandeur of the Rockies represents the possiblitites of our dreams and goals. And I say, DREAM BIG!

The balance of it all

If you're like me, you have a lot of things you are passionate about and many things going on at a time. Or maybe you have one big goal that is your concentration at the moment. Either way, I know the feeling of having something out there and being so close to your goal, and can empathise with where you might be.

I would love to extend an arm to help you reach a goal, cross a finish line or take one more step forward. CKdesign respects YOUR passion for YOUR project and will treat it with just as much care as you do.

So, come on, let's go!

- Christina