There is a lot that goes into a design piece that may seem "simple". So often I've heard "Why is that even art?" or "I could have done that." or even more, "I don't want to waste my money on that." It can seem intimidating and unnessecary as well as expensive and complicated.

I will always stick by the fact that it is worth it, and it does matter. The design is your packaging and it is your spokesperson when you are not there, and it speaks volumes. What do you want it to say about your project?

Even on my own projects, I am reminded of this. The time and effort it takes to put together a story for example comes wtih a desire to get the book out there already! The urge to show what you have done and show your work is an intense excitement. Would you then intentionally skimp on the piece that will actually catch the eye of your audience, your readers, or your client?

At CK Design we do know that you have passion for your project and may already have a vision for how you see the marketing pieces or packaging presented...we welcome that! If you are unsure and want some help putting that presentation together, we welcome that too!

We recognize your passion and will put forth the level of attention and respect your project deserves.

Design is always worth your time! If you are unsure of what do about that piece, let's talk about it!