All that glam!


We are writers, hear us roar… Some things you (do) know, and have to laugh about being a writer

- people think you are cool
- people think you’re a snob, wanna be author

- you have a great social life
- wait, you don’t have one anymore

- your fans are really taken by one of your characters
- you are killing him off

- you just came up with your new BIG idea
- that big idea is now being shared with you, as someone else’s big idea

- you have joined some new and great groups
- actually following those blog topics and forums takes time

- you have just set up an awesome, new book event and are ready to rock!
- nobody comes to your new and great event

- you spent all day writing and finally hit the nail on the head!
- you wake up at 3 am because it’s all wrong

- you finally land a contract
- no one understands why you still need your day job

- you are fully engaged in your book and your characters
- nobody else you are close to has any idea what you are talking about

- your book is selling great on Amazon!
- you just got your worst review ever, on Amazon

At the end of the day,

You learn to take the hits,
You learn,
and you love it all, despite itself