• Time Trials
    Time Trials | by author Terry Lee
    ON MY SHELF! Looks to be a great story! I know the author and have done design work for her, and can't wait to read this!
  • Description: Time…those sequential relations to any other, as past, present, or future. None of the Bad Ass Girls are girls anymore, not since their freshman year in college when the eight of them formed a most unlikely bond. Diverse in personalities, the Bad Ass Girls continue their on again-off again friendship during stages of growth spanning forty-plus years. Time Trials depicts how close friends can help each other navigate through the most catastrophic life events, accomplishments, and disappointments, often with tears and laughter. Lifelong friendships…what a treasure.
  • Soldier's Secret
    The Soldier's Secret | by author Heather Osborne
    READ: I was sucked in from the get go! I've posted my review on Amazon and my blog so check it out and I recommend this story!
  • Antietam, Maryland - October, 1862 "Will, finally, received a letter after many months of little communication from his family. It was penned in his mother's hand and dated before what he could only assume was the birth of his child."

Fun, interesting and guaranteed exciting reading! My co-author and I had a great time writing these stories and I'm happy to share them here!



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